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  • Friday, November 02, 2007

    From derelict site to what must now be the pride of Wessex - the Somerset and Dorset Railway has made huge strides over the last few years and will reopen to regular passenger trains next year. The line is also coming back to life at Shillingstone in Dorset. In 50 years time this will be the main traffic artery in this part of Wessex as roads die through lack of oil or economic alternatives.

    Friday, June 29, 2007

    The next Wessex Society meeting will be on Saturday, 28th July, 2007 at the Royal George, 17 Bedwin Street, Salisbury. Meet from 12 (pub lunch) for a start at 1.


    Wednesday, June 20, 2007

    Below posted without comment, except to say that all the Wessex movements have excluded Kernow from even the broadest definition of Wessex. We have always respected the right of Kernow to self determination in whatever form its people choose.

    The statement issued by the Cornish National Liberation Army (CNLA) in June 2007 announcing its creation.

    Following a recent meeting between members of the AN GOF militant organisation (originally founded in 1980 and reformed in 2007) and the Cornish Liberation Army it has been agreed to stand both Organisations down and to reform as the CORNISH NATIONAL LIBERATION ARMY. The CNLA will maintain an east and west division in Kernow.

    The previous AN GOF programme to remove all flags of St. George (white with a red cross) from our Country of Cornwall (Kernow) will be incorporated into the new tactical objectives plan.

    We are pleased to announce substantial funding from the other Celtic Countries and from Irish groups in the United States of America. Our growing membership, a combination of younger and more experienced patriots, operating in devolved groups under the control of a central Council have received training from members of the Free Wales Army (FWA), the Scottish National Liberation Army (SNLA) and members of the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) and the now defunct Provisional Irish Republican Army (Provo IRA). We have recruited members from one of these organisations into the CNLA and hope others will follow. We do have limited weapons available but intend to rely on more controlled methods to achieve our aims.

    1. RICK STEIN AND PADSTOW (PADSTEIN) Two of our members have been approached by Cornish residents of the town regarding the problems caused by Stein. He owns businesses at: The Seafood Restaurant, St. Petroc´s Hotel, The Cafe and Stein´s Shop, The Seafood School, Fish and Chips and Deli and The St. Edmund´s Hotel. Recently at the Obby Oss Day he was rough handled by local Cornish Nationals sickened at his presence in our Country whilst he was in a local Public House. He will deny all knowledge of this for fear of bad publicity to his business interests although what happened was witnessed by many. In a recent letter to Tony Rickard, a local protest leader (who has no connection with the CNLA at all) he stated that other businesses ´have benefited from the rosy glow of (Stein´s) publicity´.They have not and many have witnessed the effect Stein has had in our Cornish port of Padstow. We feel that the time must now be here for Stein to feel the ´rosy glow´of a real fire and so we declare his businesses, him and his clients and their transport a bone fide target.

    2. JAMIE OLIVER AND WATERGATE BAY We have seen the effects of this arrogant English man in our Country causing property prices to swell. We also declare this man, his business and the Watergate Bay Hotel, clients and cars bone fide targets.

    3. THE ENGLISH FLAG OF ST. GEORGE This English flag (white with a red cross) has no place in Kernow no more than it does in Scotland, Wales or Ireland. Its presence insults many Cornish people some of whom are afraid to say as much. It is a flagrant reminder of the 1549 Cornish Holocaust and is used by our enemies, the British National Party and the Unionist parties in the North of Ireland. The now defunct An Gof organisation removed such flags at Tresillian and on the Bodmin Moor cafes and elsewhere and are pleased to note that the untarnished and non Imperialistic flag of St Piran (black with a white cross) is now seen on the Moors. This St. Piran´s flag is a guarantee of safety whilst those flying the Flag of St. George (white with a red cross) are bone fide targets of the CNLA be such flyers English incomers, misinformed Cornish Nationals or Tourists. To fly this flag is an invitation for our devolved operatives to take action and other damage to property cannot be ruled out.

    Whilst we greatly admire and respect the efforts of Cornish Nationals who seek change through moderate means, we note that previous members of the IRA are now in power in the North of Ireland showing that there is a place for military action. Therefore we may use direct means to underline the efforts of moderate Cornish Nationals.

    Kernow Bys Vyken !
    Signed: The Council of the Cornish National Liberation Army


    Sunday, October 22, 2006

    We need a managed system of conversion from the old oil economy to the new solar economy. Any other system (based on price signals alone) will almost inevitably be wasteful, unfair, anarchic and potentially lethal.

    The system would be simple and unbureaucratic, with everyone 17 and over being issued with a fixed amount of petrol/diesel 'vouchers' allowing a certain amount of petrol. These vouchers would also be issued to non-drivers. The amount allowed would be based on the previous years total petrol consumption divided by the number of people over 17 in the country. Each year,over a 20 year period, 5% less petrol would be available from the starting amount. This would create an oil-less economy within 20 years, something that is likely to happen in any case.

    There would need to be a centralised trading system set up so that heavy users could buy vouchers from those that don't need them. This would provide a nice extra income for non-drivers!

    Taking the medium-term view the knowledge that each year would see a 5% reduction in the availability of petrol everyone would seek ways of reducing their consumption and changing their lifestyle to make the change easier.

    Bear in mind also that pricing signals will also have a dampening effect on consumption.

    Similar rules would need to apply to both public transport and freight transport, switching all public transport and freight to a vastly expanded heavy and light railway network over 20 years.

    With everyone involved in one way or another in the transition to a solar transport economy life will be made much easier for those wishing to bring this on - objections to new railways and tramways for example would vanish overnight! Sales of alternative fuel cars (which will always be a tiny percentage of what we have now) plus more efficient oil-based cars (for a few years) would also blossom, as would growth in walking, cycling and horseriding.

    Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    Every week sees more progress at the Somerset and Dorset Railway at Midsomer Norton. This was the scene on Monday.

    One day the S&D will be a key route through Wessex, linking Bath (and possibly Bristol) with Bournemouth, restoring a natural traffic link that was idiotically closed by Londoners. Posted by Picasa

    Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    Below is an extract from the review of the latest biography of Thomas Hardy.

    Thomas Hardy was notoriously inscrutable. Obsessively private and unforthcoming, he took pains to control his public image and protect his legacy from prying eyes and wagging tongues. Such letters and notebooks as survived his death are, with precious few exceptions, ones that Hardy wanted to survive. He even ghosted his own biography; once attributed to his second wife Florence (nee Dugdale), The Life and Work of Thomas Hardy was substantially written by Hardy himself.

    Full review of this latest work on Hardy.

    Friday, September 01, 2006

    Roads, the way backwards ....

    It's becoming clearer each day that roads and cars are no answer to future transport needs either in Wessex or elsewhere. We need to provide an easily accessible mix of private and public transport as oil runs out and the weather gets wilder. We need to make a gradual transfer of traffic from roads to rail, starting with freight traffic.

    A mile from the first picture this is the remarkable revival of the Somerset and Dorset Railway at Midsomer Norton, a line closed and demolished over 35 years ago. Five years ago this was a derelict site, with no track, falling-down buildings and trees growing where the track now runs. This is the way forwards - eventually this line will run southwards to Shepton and hopefully Templecombe (and Bournemouth eventually) and northwards to Bath . Posted by Picasa

    Wednesday, August 23, 2006

    Welcome to the new blogsite for Wessex! Just the place to get the latest news and views of the growing movement for everything Wessex!